The Photonics Society of Ghent (PSG), formerly known as the Ghent Optics Society, was formed in September 2016, when the SID-ME student branch and the SPIE student chapter of Ghent University joined hands.  In 2017, the OSA student chapter was founded and added to the organization. By combining the different student chapters, PSG is able to provide their members with the benefits of all three professional organizations. Rather than competing for members, these chapters now cooperate to organize more and bigger events.

The aim of the PSG is to connect master and PhD students with each other, educators and industry. PSG does this through the organisation of events such as social events, company visits, lectures, workshops, outreach activities and recruitment events. 


Frederik Van Acker

Frederik is president since September 2018. He is a PhD student in the Liquid Crystals Group at Ghent University.

Nina Turk
Public Relations

Nina obtained her MSc degree in Bio- and Nanophotonics in 2015 at ENS Cachan, France. Currently she is a PhD student in the Photonics Research Group, focusing on developing an on-chip SERS biosensor for detection of protease activity. Nina joined the PSG in September 2018.

Íngrid Amer Cid

Íngrid is originally from Sant Quirze del Vallès, next to Barcelona. She graduated from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, Cerdanyola del Vallès)  in Physics.

In 2017 she finished her studies from Gent University with a MSc and started a Ph.D in the Liquid Crystal and Photonics (LCP) group. Her research is focused on developing a microscope-based technique that can complete on a particle-by-particle basis and simultaneously size, intensity and acute zeta-potential measurements by evaluating the electrophoretic mobility of individual nanoparticles. In her research, she is targeting for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Íngrid joined the PSG in 2018.

Camiel Op de Beeck

Camiel obtained his MSc degree in Photonics Engineering in 2016 at Ghent University. Currently he is a PhD student in the Photonics Research Group. His research is focused on the generation of pure carrier frequencies up to 1 THz using optoelectronic control of the phase/frequency of integrated III/V-on-silicon lasers. Camiel joined the PSG in September 2018.

Miglé Stebryté

Miglé obtained European Master of Science in Photonics degree in 2018 at Ghent University. Currently she is a PhD student in the Liquid Crystals and Photonics Group. Her research is focused on novel liquid crystal configurations by photo-alignment engineering for flat optics components and waveguides. Miglé joined the PSG in September 2018.

Gilles Freddy Feutmba
Public Relations

Gilles Feutmba is a FWO fellow and PhD candidate enrolled at Ghent University. His research focuses on hybrid PZT-Si based modulators and their applications in integrated photonics systems. Gilles has been a member of the UGent SPIE student chapter since 2015 during his Masters studies and co-founded the Ghent Optics Society (a joint SID, SPIE student chapter) in 2016 where he served as Vice-president. He is currently one of the PR officers of the PSG and he loves playing guitar and football.

Irfan Ansari
Public Relations

Irfan received his BSc (Research) and MSc in Physics from the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore in 2017.  He carried out his master's thesis (2015-16) on graphene plasmonics in Quantum Nano-Optoelectronics group led by Prof. Frank Koppens at ICFO Barcelona. He joined Photonics Research Group in December, 2017 as a PhD student to work on Hybrid-Optomechanics with Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT). Irfan joined the PSG in September 2018.

Khannan Rajendran

Khannan is an Opto-Mechanical Technology (OMT) Early Stage Researcher in the Photonics Research Group, Ghent University. His research concerns Integrated optomechanics using 2D materials on Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology. He obtained the European master of science in photonics degree in 2017.

PSG Brecht.jpg
Brecht Berteloot

Brecht got his master degree in photonics engineering in 2017. He joined the Liquid Crystals and Photonics group in September 2017 where he works on a project in collaboration with Esterline (in Kortrijk) where they make advanced displays.