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2021  edition
November 18th 2021

On Thursday November 18th, at 18h30, we organize the first "Light Night" of this academic year. The Light Night is  an informal event for Master and PhD students in photonics, but open to anyone who is interested.


This year, co-founder and CTO Thijs Spuesens will talk about the technology behind the silicon photonics spin-off Sentea and his experiences with founding this high-tech startup. This spin-off company develops fiber optic sensing technology to enable accurate and robust structural health monitoring, predicting and preventing equipment failure and structural damage in the most harsh environments. Thanks to the use of Silicon Photonics, wind farms, civil structures, heavy industry and transport will benefit from Sentea’s small and cost-effective fiber optic sensor interrogators (source:

When: Wednesday, November 18th @ 18h30

Where: Auditorium 1, iGent



18h30: Welcome speech

By the PSG president

18h40: The story of silicon photonics spin-off Sentea 

By Dr. Thijs Spuesens (co-founder and CTO)

19h40: Reception

We will provide drinks and snacks.

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